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November 14 supermoon in the Hunterphotos

Capture the supermoon…or a cloudy sky | photos Cloudy sky hides the supermoon from ANZAC Walk in Newcastle. Picture: Nicola King

Cloudy sky hides the supermoon from ANZAC Walk in Newcastle. Picture: Nicola King

INSTA @kathproszkowiec No visible supermoon tonight – however there were some super epic snaps taken 🌙🌕🌊. 📷 by me 🙌🙌🙌 #newcastle #newy #fullmoon #supermoon #newcastleaustralia #newcastlensw #blueskies #somuchexcitement #moon #nomoon

INSTA @emilyharden Tonight’s view of the #supermoon was rude.

INSTA @wanderandwhimsy Last night’s haze after spontaneous swims. Hopefully we can get a look in at this super moon between the clouds tonight.

INSTA @moneyperry Grey skies and no #supermoon over #newcastle

INSTA @moneyperry Cameras and kids waiting for the #supermoon in #newcastle

INSTA @moneyperry Spectators give up on seeing the #supermoon in #newcastle tonight

INSTA @insta__j_b Oh great. Of course they put the #supermoon behind a damn paywall…

INSTA @insta__j_b Oh great. Of course they put the #supermoon behind a damn paywall…

INSTA @afrikaner_viking Lots of people here for the moon

INSTA @jonnie_d90 If I choose the right filter you can nearly see the moon… #nearly #overcast #oversight #stillnosighting #badmoonrising #betteroffwaitinganother18years

INSTA @ashgarland Supermoon? I think not! 😝#cloudcover

INSTA @jonostreich Managed to catch a photo of a thunderstorm in the horizon at blacksmiths beach on Saturday night! #photography #thunder #lightening #storm #beach #camping #picoftheday #night #stars #colour #exposure #canon

INSTA @aiza_m_rojo We drove around the Bays just to see you! 🌙 See you again in 2034 #supermoon

TweetFacebookSupermoon or super-flop -send your photos to [email protected]南京夜网南京桑拿.All eyes were on the sky on Monday nightas the much-hyped supermoon tried to rise through the clouds.

The moon wasat its most spectacular as the sky darkenedand while it wasclose to the horizon. It was expectedto 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than an average full moon.

A supermoon occurs when you have a combination of two things: a full moon and the moon at perigee – the point in its orbit when it is approaching Earth at its closest. On November 14, this will brought the moon 50,000 kilometres closer to Earth.

It’s the biggest one in almost 70 years. It’ll be 18 years until it’s this close to us again. It’s pretty special.

But, a cloudy sky hid the moon for most sky watchers.

Some caught a quick glimpse of the moon as the clouds moved, but most captured the super-flop.

Whether you were one of the few lucky ones and captured the supermoon’s magic, or photographed a “supermoon fail” –a cloudy sky, we’d love you to share it with us.

Send your photos to [email protected]南京夜网南京桑拿.

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Broadmeadow Locomotive Depot land could be ‘community hub’, Newcastle Men’s Shed sayspoll

Paul Battle from the Newcastle Men’s Shed. PICTURE: Darren PatemanTHE head of the Newcastle Men’s Shed has called for the Baird government to turn the old administration building at the former Broadmeadow Locomotive Depot into a “community hub”.

On Monday the Newcastle Heraldrevealed the state government plans to sell off part of the 18-hectare depot –abandoned since 1994 –and demolish the large administration and amenities building.

The NSW Transport Department says building is “very dilapidated, vandalised and contains hazardous materials including asbestos”, but community groups in Newcastle want the government to hold onto the building.

One of those groups is the Newcastle Men’s Shed. The shed’s membershavebeen forced out of theirformer home at the old BHP administration building, and Paul Battle from the group said the rail depot would be an ideal home.

“Personally for me it would be like coming home because I used to work on the railways, in that building,” he said.

“That building would be outstanding,” he said.

“It’s the right size that it could be a home not just for usbut a number of community groups, we couldturn it into a bit of a hub.”

He said the group had written to local MPs, and was hoping to “open up lines of communication” with the government.

So far the government hasn’t warmed to the idea.

A spokeswoman for Transport saidthat while the government was “interested in hearing feedback from the community”any “adaptive reuse” of the building “to current building standards would likely be cost prohibitive, depending on the use”.

“We’ll continue to keep the community informed of any plans for the site’s future,” she said.

Transport says the final cost of demolishing the administration building has yet to be finalised, but Mr Battle questioned whether refitting the building would be more expensive.

“It’s not going to be a short-term exercise anyway because by the time you start these things it takes a little while,” he said.

“But I would hope it would be something that can be at least investigated, it would be a shame to lose it.”

On Monday the Heraldrevealed government plansto sell-off a large chunk of the Depot are under way, with the Baird government admitting much of the “residual railwayland”at the site –outside of heritage-listed areas – was considered “surplus to operations”.

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Why we need flood of apprenticesOpinion

DEMAND: Construction-related trades are booming and employers are crying out for skilled workers in these areas. We have been hearing a lot lately from leaders in politics, education and the business sector about the innovation boom and the need to expand our knowledge jobs.This is a positive shift.Our economy needs to diversify if we are to compete globally now, and into the future.

What is missing from this conversation, however, is recognition that skilled trades remain the superstructure on which the rest of our economy relies. We don’t often talk about the importance of skilled trades, but these skills are the backbone of our economy.

Thanks to a record infrastructure pipeline, construction-related trades are booming and employers are crying out for skilled workers in these areas. Emerging sectors, like advanced manufacturing, are also marrying traditional trade activities with higher level, technology-related skills.The problem is that our apprenticeship system is broken and the flow of young, job-ready, skilled workers is a drip when we need a flood.

In the March 2016 quarter, the total number of Australians undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship declined 10.2 per cent compared with the same period in 2015. Increasingly, young people, their parents and, often, their advisers at school, do not see an apprenticeship as a desirable career pathway.

On the other hand, employers complain about a lack of job readiness and adaptability on the part of workers who are starting out in their trade. As a result, rather than take on apprentices, employers are increasingly resorting to skilled migration and other band-aid solutions.We need to solve this mismatch between what young people want from their careers and the skills employers are looking for by fixing our apprenticeship system.

The good news is that our political decision makers are finally taking note.In the meantime, the business community is proposing some real change.In our recent submission to the current NSW government review, the NSW Business Chamber called for reforms to the way that apprenticeships and traineeships are delivered in this state.

We need both tiers of government to work together on apublic awareness campaign that turns the attention of parents, educators and young people to the outstanding opportunities that an apprenticeship can offer. As outlined in the 2015 Australian Jobs Report, 85.5 per cent of apprentices are in full-time employment six months after completing their training, in comparison with only 68 per cent of bachelor-degree graduates achieving the same outcome.Secondly, we need to look at the success of specialist vocational colleges in countries such as Germany and Britain, and, examples such as Western Sydney TAFE at Nirimba, which allows students studying their HSC to undertake vocational studies – or even a higher education course – in a single location. This model must be expanded.

The modern trades need workers who are adaptable, with skills that can be used across a wide range of tasks, some which might not be specific to a single trade qualification. Flexibility also needs to be applied to the way in which we develop apprenticeship pathways.Currently, the only channel for an employer to ask for a new apprenticeship is through an agonisingly long and bureaucratic process via a government-appointed advisory body. Wouldn’t it be easier if employers could apply directly to the Department of Industry to create apprenticeship pathways?

Stephen Cartwright is the chief executive of NSW Business Chamber read more »

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Troy Grant to stand down as leader of NSW Nationals after Orange byelection disaster

Standing down: Deputy Premier Troy Grant. Photo: Jessica Hromas Likely successor: Skills Minister John Barilaro. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

Deputy Premier Troy Grant has announced he will quit as leader of the NSW Nationals a day before facing a spill motion in his party room following a disastrous showing in the Orange byelection.

The announcement has prompted deputy Nationals leader Adrian Piccoli to declare he will not re-nominate for the position, ensuring there will be a new leadership team after MPs meet on Tuesday.

In a statement on Monday, Mr Grant said: “As a result of the Nationals candidate for Orange, Scott Barrett, facing an uphill battle to hold the seat, I have informed the NSW Nationals leadership team that at tomorrow’s party room meeting I will be standing down as leader of the NSW Nationals.

“It has been an incredible privilege to serve in that role and lead a team whose sole focus is to serve the people of regional NSW,” he said.

“At all times I have been guided by my principles of honesty, integrity and hard work but I accept the result in Orange is a clear message that we haven’t always got it right, nor have we always taken the community with us.

“I hope that through my actions the NSW government is given the opportunity to pause and reset the way it is seen to be governing and our record of delivery can once more be front and centre.”

Skills Minister John Barilaro is likely to be elected deputy premier and leader of the NSW Nationals in Mr Grant’s place, sparking a reshuffle of the cabinet.

A spokeswoman for Mr Grant said the question of whether he would stay in cabinet and, if so, retain his portfolios, was a matter for the Premier and the new Nationals leader.

Mr Piccoli told Fairfax Media: “I won’t be standing as deputy. I’ve had eight years. I hope to remain as the Minister for Education, but that’s a question for the new leader, whoever that might be.”

Mr Piccoli said Mr Grant “has done a fantastic job in sometimes difficult circumstances”.

“He’s an incredibly loyal and ethical operator, that’s why I’ve always backed him,” he said.

Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser, who planned to put the spill motion on Tuesday, said Mr Grant had “done what he should have done”.

“It’s now up to the party room to select a new leader,” he said. “I will be nominating and supporting John Barilaro.

“I think we have to have a spill of all positions. The party needs to have a fresh start going into the 2019 election.”

Barwon MP Kevin Humphries – another of Mr Grant’s critics – also welcomed the decision.

“I think he’s done the right thing,” he said.

“The general public and certainly the broader community had tuned out as far as the leadership of the Nationals was concerned.

“That position was potentially not recoverable. We’re better off dealing with these issues now than kicking them down the road.”

Mr Humphries said he would not be nominating for any of the leadership positions that become available.

The announcement came shortly after Premier Mike Baird told a media conference that Mr Grant has done “a fantastic job” and “should be given every opportunity to continue in his role, because ultimately you want the best possible people that have a passion for the region.”

Later, in a statement, Mr Baird said Mr Grant had “made an enormous contribution to regional NSW, and I am sure he will continue to do so.”

“During the 2015 election, Troy and I campaigned shoulder-to-shoulder in support of the Rebuilding NSW program. As a result, regional NSW will benefit through a once-in-a-generation investment in the State’s roads, schools, hospitals and water infrastructure.

“As Deputy Premier and Leader of the Nationals, Troy has been a courageous and passionate advocate for regional NSW. Troy is a man of great integrity and it has been an honour to lead this Government together.”

The Nationals suffered a 35 per cent swing against them on the primary vote in the byelection on Saturday, described by ABC election analyst Antony Green as “the biggest first preference change in NSW byelection history”.

A predicted two-candidate preferred result by Mr Green based on projected preference flows has Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate Philip Donato beating the Nationals’ Scott Barrett by 50.3 per cent to 49.7 per cent.

Labor preferenced the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers in the contest.

The result is being blamed on a combination of factors, including the controversial move to close the greyhound industry – later reversed – and the forced amalgamation of local councils.

But Mr Grant’s critics, including Mr Fraser and Mr Humphries, had argued the Nationals had lost touch with their constituents under Mr Grant’s leadership.

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